Illinois amateur radio repeaters

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Arara 10 months ago
No no. It's up front. If you lose your line of credibility, it can never be extended again. The more trust a holder builds, the greater benefits and access to special events. 😂
Kigalkree 10 months ago
Lol no. I colour code the scents so they are pretty easy to tell apart for the most part. I just had a head scratcher moment trying to figure out if the pink ones were watermelon or strawberry XD and I had some purple ones that were lavender and some that were a lilac/lavender blend so I had to really put my nose to the test. But they are all sorted and labeled now and the new ones I’m making are going to be bagged and labeled as soon as they harden enough to avoid headaches like this in the future. 😂
Moogugal 10 months ago
mmmm ziet er top uit gr uit het zuiden
Gardat 10 months ago
Right now I'm playing with cock
Gozragore 10 months ago the comment

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